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Video Production

Flip 6 brings Experienced and Professional videography, editing, and motion graphics to all of your video projects.

Columbus Academy

Columbus Academy was looking to showcase the joy and enthusiasm that students, faculty and staff experience throughout their educational program and campus. It is important to not just deliver an exceptional education, but to ensure that the students are thriving.

This project consisted of some event coverage as well as organized shoots to capture some of the more romanticized visuals. Some motion graphics and an inspirational soundtrack round out the edit.

NCAA Women’s Final Four

Promotional Video created for the NCAA selection committee in a bid to bring the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four back to Columbus in 2027. For more info, click the link!

FST Logistics

We created a brand video for FST Logistics who serve the complex shipping and storage needs of today’s grocery and retail brands with temperature-controlled shipping and end-to-end solutions. They will get your product on the shelf or in the mailbox, safely and on time.

This project consisted of two days of shooting in their warehouse and offices to capture the visuals that were storyboarded. Clean motion graphics helped tie it altogether in the final edits.


WSA was looking for a brand video to showcase them as workplace experts. Thier experienced designers create environments that maximize both human potential and happiness AND your business’s success.

This project involved some creative editing along with stock footage, provided b-roll, and custom motion graphics utilizing their logo in the design.

Bobby Miller Tribute

Bobby Miller was a beloved friend and colleague who set a high standard for honesty and integrity in the thoroughbred industry. We made this video to document and celebrate his life and career. His story, beginning in Campbellsville, KY, to Walmac International and finally at Millennium Farms with Ro Parra, is of the many talented and hardworking people who represent a way of doing business and a way of life with horses at the center.


Explainer/Promotional video for college athletic departments using mostly stock footage that was either resourced by us or provided to us by the client. Additional footage was shot of the office and staff, and motion graphics were created with text overlaid on athletic surfaces. All footage was manipulated to match and some lens flares were added for effect.

Ohio Theta

Documentary created for celebration event marking the completion of the Ohio Theta chapter house expansion. The project consisted of several hours of recorded interviews, recording and collection of footage and photographs through-out the construction process, collection of historic photographs and motion graphics creation.

More Videos

Barcelona United

The Barcelona United club soccer team is based in Pickerington, Ohio. These videos were created for social media release to showcase the club and their plans for the future.

Ohio State Gear

Unique uniform reveal videos created for social media release to showcase new gear.

Community Cup Trophy

Community Cup

Series of videos for the promotion of this exciting event for businesses in Columbus. Over 1300 athletes participate in this “Field Day” for adults as they compete for their respective companies.

OSU Student Life

Variety of videos created for Ohio State’s Student Life Welcome Week Programming for incoming freshman students.

Justin Kimbrough

Athlete Reels

20+ years of experience in Division 1 athletics are behind these short hype reels created for social media promotion. High energy music, edits, and a little flare to showcase athletes and enhance their brand presence on various social media platforms.


Pelotonia Team Buckeye

Series of videos about the experiences leading up to and during the Pelotonia fund raising efforts of Team Buckeye.

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Recruitment video for Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. Video features a combination of interviews, staged shots, aerial footage and photographs to tell the story of their chapter to potential new members.


More to Come

Many more projects are currently in the works.

Studio Production

Looking for a little pop from your headshot? Visit us at our studio and we can produce some exciting imagery for your business, staff members, team, or athletes!

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