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Motion Graphics

We have years of experience in creating traditional animations, special effects, and engaging motion graphics that work with your brand to enhance your content.

Columbus Crew

When the Columbus Crew SC updated their brand in 2015, we assisted with creating videoboard templates for the various display boards and elements. Their branding style incorporated a series of patterns that we worked into the animations as transitions and to give them energy.

Buckeye Tall

As part of their Campus Fundraising Campaign, the office of the Vice President of The Ohio State University wanted to create a quick animation as part of their campaign. The university hired an artist to create the music and asked us to create a sing-along style animation to go with it. We designed the characters and elements in Adobe Illustrator.

Ticket Commercial

This spot was modeled after graphics designed by the OSU Creative Services team. The concept was to take the black and white mosaic/tiled imagery of the design and replace with videos. We transitioned between unsaturated and saturated imagery to create impact throughout the video.

Studio Production

Looking for a little pop from your headshot? Visit us at our studio and we can produce some exciting imagery for your business, staff members, team, or athletes!

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