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The Community Cup

The Greater Columbus Sports Commission came to me with an idea to create a series of videos to promote the Community Cup, an event that brings companies of all types together to compete in a field day for adults. The goal with these promos was to take everyday office situations and make them apply to the skills necessary to compete in the Community Cup!

Printer Jam Tug-o-War

Have you ever struggled with your office printer when the paper jams?

Lunchroom Basketball

Face it, we all think we are Steph Curry when we throw our trash away.

Elevator Soccer

A good slide tackle can save the day!

5k Run

We all have been late to a meeting. Finding a good parking spot is so hard!

Office Dodgeball

A busy office takes a little flexibility to get through unscathed.

Football Toss

There is no faster way to distribute sub sandwiches.

Pizza Tug-o-War

Who’s hungry for leftovers?

Community Cup Recap

Here is a recap of the 2023 Community Cup which showcases some of the highlights of the event. With over 1300 athletes competing for 36 companies, the event is great for team building, networking, and getting to know your colleagues!

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